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Video Fluoroscopy - Chiropractic Motion X-Ray in Bellevue, WA

Video fluoroscopy is a special type of x-ray that allows Chiropractors to see the bones and joints of the spine in motion, in real time

You've probably heard people use expressions like 'out of alignment', 'locked up', 'pinched' or 'stuck' to describe pain in the neck or back.  These symptoms are usually the result of a joint or joints that are no longer working properly.  They may have been caused by an accident or injury, or even a simple act like bending, lifting or reaching.

Regardless of the cause, motion x-ray can be an invaluable tool for Chiropractic treatment of whiplash injuries, headaches and neck pain.


How Does Video Fluoroscopy Work?

Motion x-ray is performed with the patient standing comfortably, moving the area in question through a specific range of motion.  It's simple and painless, and generally takes less than a minute to perform.  The motion x-ray is stored in a video file on a computer and can be viewed immediately by doctor and patient.  Because it allows assessment of the joints in motion, video fluoroscopy can provide important information that regular x-rays can't.


Why is Proper Joint Motion Important?

When the joints of the spine are placed under stress from repetitive use, playing sports, accidents and injuries, they may stop working properly.  They can become stiff, stuck or out of alignment, leading to pinched nerves, headaches, neck and back pain.  Loss of normal joint motion can also lead to an early onset of arthritis if left untreated, since joints are exposed to increased wear and tear.


Why do Spinal Joints Stop Working Properly?

In most cases, joints stop working properly for one of two reasons:

  • Trauma:  Falls, car accidents, contact sports, work and physical activity can cause injury to the joints and surrounding soft tissues.  Symptoms are often develop in the first few hours or days following traumatic injury.
  • Wear and Tear:  Repetitive strain, overuse injuries, poor posture, physical labor and prolonged sitting or standing can all lead to joint problems over time.  Symptoms often take months or years to develop.


Restoring Normal Joint Motion with Chiropractic

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). Once problems are identified, Chiropractic can help restore normal motion to the affected joints.  Often the result is relief from pain and stiffness, improved flexibility and ranges of motion, and elimination of headaches.  Patients often report better sleep, increased energy, and a better sense of well being once joint motion improves.


Do All Chiropractors Use Motion X-Ray?

Video Fluoroscopy is an expensive technology, and as such is rarely used by Chiropractors, or other doctors for that matter.  Fortunately, Dr. McGahey has had the benefit of using it in his practice since 1998.  It has been incredibly helpful in treating tough whiplash, headache and neck pain cases as those conditions often involve problems with joint motion in the neck.


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