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Graston Technique Near Me

Graston is an advanced treatment technique that uses specialized stainless steel instruments to treat soft tissue injuries. Your soft tissues include your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Fascia is a type of thin, tough connective tissue that holds all of your bones, muscles, nerves and organs in place. Fascia is stretchy when it's healthy, which allows you to move. Things like overuse, injury, and wear and tear can make your fascia stiff and sticky, and cause it to tighten around your muscles. When this happens, it results in painful knots (more on this below), and can limit your ability to move.

Whether you have a brand new condition like a whiplash injury, or a chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow, Graston works like nothing else. It can break up scar tissue and adhesions, improve ranges of motion, and help eliminate pain quickly. It can also speed up your recovery time, which means less time away from what you love to do. 

If you have a soft tissue injury, or pain that just isn’t getting better, Graston therapy may be just what you need. Schedule an appointment with Dr. McGahey today and see why so many choose Graston for their soft tissue injuries.

What Causes Fascia/Soft Tissue Pain?

Soft tissue pain can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common are injury, overuse, and repetitive strain. Injuries, like falls, contact sports, or even a car crash can lead to soft tissue pain by causing damage to muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Overuse or repetitive strain can also lead to soft tissue pain, as these actions can cause small tears in the tissue. The body responds by producing scar tissue to fix these small tears. Eventually this scar tissue makes soft tissues stiff and weak, and leads to inflammation and pain.

Fascia is a type of connective tissue that is also a big player soft tissue pain. Fascia is a tough covering that surrounds and covers individual muscles. When fascia is healthy, it's slippery and allows your muscles to move over each other. Fascia can become tight or restricted due to injury, inflammation, or repetitive strain, leading to discomfort and pain. This tightness can also restrict movement and reduce flexibility, further contributing to pain and discomfort. Addressing the health and function of the fascia and other soft tissues can help alleviate soft tissue pain. Graston Technique does a great job of just that.

Doctor using Graston treatment on a man to relieve shoulder pain.

How Does Graston Technique Work?

We already know that overuse, trauma, and wear and tear can cause injury to your soft tissues. When that happens, your body produces scar tissue that can build up in your muscles, fascia and other soft tissues. Scar tissue has a rough, sticky texture similar to glue. When it lays down it can cause your muscles and other soft tissues to stick together, causing them to be stiff and weak, and robbing you of your flexibility and ranges of motion. And scar tissue can be painful!

Graston therapy uses special surgical stainless steel instruments that are able to effectively break up adhesions and scar tissue. Even with old, tough, nagging injuries, Graston does a fantastic job breaking up scar tissue so your tissues can function properly. That means better movement and flexibility, and less pain. It's even more effective when combined with other manual (hands-on) therapies like Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques. Even with chronic conditions, most people start to feel relief after only a few short visits. And, unlike scar tissue, the treatment is comfortable.

A person feeling better after receiving Graston treatment from their chiropractor.

Can Graston Technique Help Me?

If you have an injury (old or new)​, if you have pain and stiffness, or just want to improve your flexibility, consider giving Graston a try. The treatment is quick and comfortable, and often gets results where other treatments fail. Even with tough cases, people often start to feel relief in just a few visits. That means you don't have to commit to months of treatment just to see if it works. Healthy soft tissues feel better and are less susceptible to injury. They also make it easier to move and maintain good posture.

If stiffness, pain or injury is interfering with your life, don’t ignore the warning signs. If left untreated, a soft tissue injury may develop into a more serious condition. Dr. McGahey can help you get to the source of the problem, and create a treatment plan to help eliminate your pain as quickly as possible. That means less time away from doing the things you love (or even the things you don't). Dr. McGahey has been helping people with soft tissue injuries for 25 years. Chances are he can help you too. Schedule an appointment today and start the healing process.

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