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How Do I Find Great Chiropractors Near Me?

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I get calls and emails all the time asking me, 'How do I find great chiropractors near me?' They’re usually from folks asking on behalf of family or friends who live out of town. But sometimes they come from people I’ve never met!

The truth is, finding a chiropractor isn’t that difficult, but finding a great one can be. So, I’ve written a post outlining how I would personally go about doing just that. I hope it helps you in your search!

There Are TONS Of Chiropractors Near Me... How Do I Choose?

If you’d done a search for a chiropractor, or any provider for that matter, the number of choices can be overwhelming. So you need a system to narrow your options down to a more manageable number before making your final decision. The guidelines below can help you do just that.

Keep in mind, this is how I would go about looking for chiropractors near me.  Some of the things I think are important may not matter to you, but they can at least help you trim down your list.  You just need to figure out what’s important to you, and then make those things a priority. And consider your needs:  If you’ve been in a car crash, look for a chiropractor who specializes in whiplash injury, and so on.

1. Location - Are Those Chiropractors Really Near Me?

Since you have to travel to a clinic, you probably want someone close.  In my case, I would do a search for Chiropractors in Bellevue, WA, but you can modify that search for your own city/state.  Or, since Google knows where you live, simply searching for ‘Chiropractors near me’ will return a good set of results.

If you want to be more specific, you can go to Google Maps and search for chiropractors 98005 (substitute your zip) and see what comes up.  Once you have a list put together, you can start narrowing it down based on what you need.

2. Insurance – Which Chiropractors Near Me Are On My Insurance Plan?

This one is important!  If you visit a chiropractor who’s not in your network, you’ll likely pay a higher price. You won't be able to take advantage of your insurance benefits the way you would if you visited an 'in-network' provider.

You pay for your insurance, so why not take full advantage of your benefits?  Make sure to contact the office you're considering visiting to see if the provider is on your plan. Many offices can provide real-time benefits for most insurance plans, so you'll know what's covered up front. If that provider is not on your plan, consider crossing them off your list. It may save you some money.

3. Experience - It Matters And Here's Why

Experience matters – It’s that simple.  The longer a chiropractor is in practice, the more they are exposed to different injuries, symptoms, conditions, and people. They’ve likely refined their treatment techniques, and had a chance to learn a couple more.  Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it builds experience, which benefits you. And speaking of techniques…

4. Options - Do Any Chiropractors Near Me Offer A Variety Of Techniques?

No two people are the same, and no particular chiropractic treatment method is right everyone. Look for providers who use a variety of different techniques.  This means you (and your chiropractor) have more options for dealing with your particular condition.

In addition to chiropractic, some providers also incorporate soft tissue treatment techniques. Techniques like Active Release, or Graston Technique can be extremely helpful in treating conditions like sports injuries, sciatica, whiplash, or overuse injuries. These conditions often have a soft-tissue component, and these techniques can help speed up healing. If I’m a patient, I want those options and resources available to me.

5. Convenience: Which Providers Have Hours That Work With My Schedule?

I work all week, so personally I would be looking for a provider who has appointments in the evening. Or maybe a chiropractor who is open on Saturday. The traffic is much lighter, and I wouldn't have to take time away from work to get treatment. People who work from home may have more flexibility, or maybe want morning appointments.

Think about what days and times work best for you. Maybe you need a quick appointment on your lunch hour, or you want an early appointment before going to the gym. It’s easier to keep appointments when they’re not a pain in the butt. So if you find doctors who can’t work with your schedule, take them off your list.

6. Specialty: Which Providers Have Experience With My Specific Need or Condition?

This is another important consideration. When you need a root canal, you don’t go to a general dentist. You go to a specialist. So why wouldn’t you choose your chiropractor the same way?

Look for providers who have advanced experience and training in the area where you need help. If you’ve been in a car crash, look for a chiropractor who has advanced training in whiplash injury treatment. The same goes for sports injuries, and so on. If they’re not well suited to you, cross them off your list.

7. Reviews: What Do Others Have To Say?

Reviews speak volumes about your potential candidates. Search for a chiropractor that has a good collection of reviews across different sites like Google and Meta. You want to see reviews spread over a number of years so you know they have a history.

Looks for common themes in reviews.  When groups of people all report the same experience (good OR bad), you can start to see patterns. Use them to narrow your list down to your final few.

8. Free Consultation: If You're Still Not Sure

By now you’re probably down to just a few names. But if you still can’t make up your mind, contact those offices and ask which doctors offer a free consultation. Then go to the office, meet the doctor, and discuss your health concerns (ask them to check your insurance benefits while you’re there).

The regroup at home and make your final decision.  I’s an important one, and one that should be made with care. If you’re hurting, a good chiropractor can really help. And if you take your time to find the right one, your experience will be that much better. Good luck!

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